REMOTE - Monitoring and Control Application

The REMOTE application is a mobile web app that enables you to monitor video cameras and view sensor data. Our app allows you to arrange icons that represent the locations of cameras and sensors on real world or custom maps. This gives you an immediate high level status overview as well as an intuitive way to quickly locate and view a specific camera or sensor.


  • Runs on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones
  • Also works with Windows 7,8,10, Mac OSX, Linux
  • No app to install and no special security permissions
  • Configuarble text alerts
  • Upload custom maps and building floorplans
  • Supports Phone & GPS Tracking
  • One App to monitor your cameras and sensors
  • Control your custom IoT devices
  • Can be customized using our API
  • Its FREE

We no longer sell cameras and sensors. We're working hard to grow and provide a list of supported devices and hardware. Keep checking our Projects and Documentation pages to find out how to build or where to purchase compatible sensors, cameras, and trackers.

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